Curborough 16 September 2018

Event Information

Curborough is a specialised sprint track situated off the A38 trunk road between Burton on Trent and Lichfield in Staffordshire.
The venue is Brown Signed once you are off the A38, and also the A515 from the West.

Competitors will have the opportunity of two practice and two competitive runs, and of walking the course under official control prior to the start of practice. Those wishing to walk the course must do so by 08.45hrs. Practice will consist of two separate runs of the figure of eight course. Competitive runs will be of two separate runs of the figure of eight course.

CIRCUIT - The length of the “Figure of Eight” course is 1467.4 metres with both left and right hand bends.

Entry List

Class 1 – Production Class 2 – SuperSport: Original

Andy Pidgeon – Elise S2 *
Duncan Fraser – Elise S2 *
Glyn Davies – Elise S *
Jason Weatherall – Elise S1 *
Oli Walden – Exige S2 220 *
Philip Stratton-Lake – Elise S2 *
Tim Hardwicke – Elise S1 *





Nick Emery – Elise S1 *
Nigel Hannam – Elise S1 *
Paul Neale – Elise 250 Cup *
Richard Hardwicke – 340R *


Class 3 – TBC


*  Entry form received / £ Entry fee paid

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