MIRA 5 May 2018

Event Information

MIRA’s proving ground is one of the largest, most comprehensively specified and truly independent automotive proving grounds in the world. Only from the air can you appreciate the sheer scale of MIRA’s 760 acre proving ground and the number of specialist test tracks available for testing vehicles.

To drive around every leg of each of the 24 circuits you travel over 95km, which is why MIRA is widely regarded as the benchmark vehicle development facility worldwide.

The length of the course is 1,860 yards (1.704 kms) and comprises part of the Dry Handling Circuit having a Delugrip surface with fast left bends and a right/left complex at just over half distance leading to a straight and final left hand bend.

Please note: Children under 16 are excluded expressly at MIRA, this is a MIRA regulation
Please note: No dogs are permitted, neither are personal transport such as scooters, bicycles, go-peds etc

Entry List

Coming soon.

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