Supersport Standings

1Richard Hardwicke152
2Oli Walden128
3Nigel Hannam118
4Martin Roberts71
5Nick Emery54
6Ian Walker28
7David Berman13

Production Standings

1Phil Stratton-Lake182
2Tim Hardwicke175
3Duncan Fraser159
4Glyn Davies127
5Alan Day119
6Andy Pidgeon92
7Rob Holt84
8Adam Ruck81
9Karen Harvey67
10Jason Weatherall27
11Kim Adams26
12Luke Stannett15

 Russell Whitworth

Driver Information:

Going into my 5th season of sprinting I'm unlikely to be troubling the podium, but each year I get a little quicker and as long as that continues, then so will I.

That's the fun of sprinting: you are really competing against yourself as much as against the others.

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