Supersport Standings

1Stuart Cheshire178
2Nigel Hannam173
3Duncan Fraser150
4Kim Adams132
5Jeremy Adams122
6Nick Emery116
7David Pollard110
8Martin Roberts110
9Jill Cheshire97
10Paul Neale46
11Tom John43
12James Tubby41
13David Berman24
14Martin Donnelly21
15Alex John20
16Jez Braker19
17Mark Swarbrick18
18Jim McInulty18
19Philip Stratton-Lake18
19Jason Weatherall0
20Mads Peterson0

Production Standings

1Xavier Brooke194
2Tim Hardwicke179
3Richard Hardwicke169
4Phil Stratton-Lake141
5Alan Day124
6Luke Stannett109
7Adam Ruck89
8Alun Glynn Davies77
9Robert Holt75
10Karen Harvey53
11Andy Pidgeon41
12Martin Scarfe32
13Terry Baker32
14Jason Weatherall21
15Alexandra John17
16Mark Dean12

 Stuart Cheshire

Driver Information:

I'm looking forward to my second year, I think the venues that have been assembled in the fixture list are going to make competing in the Championship really exciting!

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