Cadwell Park 22 August 2020

Fondly nicknamed the 'mini-Nürburgring', Cadwell Park celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2019.

It remains as closely-held in the hearts of many motorsport fans as it ever has. Located 10 miles north of Horncastle and five miles south of Louth, the Lincolnshire circuit is especially popular with bikers nationwide. Cadwell Park's twisty and undulating nature, winding through open park and woodland, has marked it out as one of the best circuits in the country.

Once discovered, it is often a firm favourite amongst many who visit, whether as a spectator or participant. MSV, the parent company of MSVR who help to run the LCUK Speed Championship own Cadwell Park.

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Event Information & Entry List

Entry List (provisional):

Production 1

Production 2

Kim Adams – Elise S1 James Brown – Exige S
Alan Day – Lotus Elise S1 £ Graeme Cessford – Lotus Elise S1
Duncan Fraser – Lotus Elise S2 Glyn Davies – Lotus Elise S3
Stephen Guglielmi – Lotus Elise S1 Martin Donnelly – Elise Cup
Tim Hardwicke – Lotus Elise S1 111S Stefan Donnelly – Elise Cup
Karen Harvey – Lotus Elise S2 Alison Eaton – Lotus Elise S3 Cup
Rob Holt – Lotus Elise 111R Freddie Eaton – Lotus Elise S3 Cup
Mads Petersen – Lotus Elise Tommy Greenwood – Elise Cup
Steve Porter – Lotus Elise S1
Adam Ruck – Lotus Elise S2 SuperSport
Paul Shipley – Elise R
Greg Spink – Lotus Elise S2 Xavier Brooke – Lotus Elise S1
Philip Stratton-Lake – Lotus Elise S2 Colin Cooley – Lotus Elise S3 220 Cup
Jason Weatherall – Lotus Elise S2 Nick Emery – Lotus Elise S1
Richard Hardwicke – Lotus 340R
Not entering Round 1
Graeme Larsen – Elise S1
Marco Anastasi – Elise Cup
Maurizio Sciglio – Elise Cup