Hethel 4 September 2022

The Lotus Test Track at Hethel was completely refurbished and updated in 2011 when it was opened by Nigel Mansell.

Situated in approximately 30 acres of the 50 acre Group Lotus site, the track was built to put Lotus’ high performance cars through their paces and the circuit provides an excellent venue for honing driving skills.

Lotus on Track circuit guide: Here

The course will be a special configuration over 1.8 miles on the Lotus test track at Hethel. This offers you a fast and well-maintained tarmac surface and challenging bends, designed to explore the handling extremes of cars developed by Lotus themselves.

Dogs and spectators are not permitted at this meeting. In-car cameras and photographic drones are strictly forbidden.

Event Information & Entry List

Entry list:

Production 1


Kim Adams – Lotus Elise S1 111S # Jonny Booth – Lotus Elise 220 Cup #
Alan Day – Lotus Elise S1 # Colin Cooley – Lotus Elise 220 Cup #
Duncan Fraser – Lotus Elise S2 # Nick Emery – Lotus Elise S1 #
Tim Hardwicke – Lotus Elise S1 111S # Richard Hardwicke – Lotus 340R #
Rob Holt – Lotus Elise 111R #
Jonathan Hydon – Lotus Elise S1 #
Richard Kirby – Lotus Elise 111S #
Andy Pidgeon – Lotus Elise S2 #
Philip Stratton-Lake – Lotus Elise S2 #
Matthew Watson – Lotus Elise S2 #
Jason Weatherall – Lotus Elise S2 #

Production 2

Glyn Davies – Lotus Elise S3 #
Steven Vischer – Lotus Elise S #