Power Testing


Email: greg@rrrengineering.co.uk

RRR Engineering Ltd
UNIT P3, Grovemere Court
Bicton Industrial Park
Cambridgshire, PE28 0EY


Road Race & Rally Engineering are the appointed championship Dyno / power testers.

RRR Engineering do not run any race cars in the MSVR Elise Trophy and they are also the official dyno/power testers for the FIA approved Lotus Cup Europe.

All cars will be required to have a power test before they competein the 2019 season. A date in March will be confirmed my mid-Feb when registered competitors can attend RRR Engineering in Kimbolton for a FREE power run. In addition competitors can contact RRR Engineering direct for a power run outside of this date if they wish for a fixed charge of £50.

RRR Engineering also provide a mapping service.

Road Race Rally Engineering, power testers for the MSVR Elisetrophy